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Parrot Unveils ANAFI Work: The 4K Ultra-Compact Drone Solution for Every Business

On 5th September, 2018, Parrot Business Solutions unveils ANAFI Work, a turnkey solution for professionals.

Parrot Business Solutions presents ANAFI Work, a powerful and innovative tool that’s perfectly adapted to the needs of professionals in construction, surveillance and public safety.

Parrot Business Solutions has emphasized that it’s not just a question of providing a drone, but a complete solution that meets the requirements of many industries.

“With this compact, high-performance 4K drone in their toolkit, professionals can gain a very real efficiency and safety boost, achieving accurate aerial insights with ease,” said Gilles Labossière, the Executive Vice President and COO of the Parrot Group.

Advanced Imaging System

ANAFI Work contains the advanced ANAFI drone that allows professionals to shoot photos and videos of their projects.

ANAFI features a 4K HDR video camera and a 21 MP sensor that provides all professionals with a new vantage point. This new perspective is a faster and safer way to execute tasks that could be dangerous, such as building and infrastructure inspections.

ANAFI’s camera tilts vertically from -90° to +90 °, a feature that has many possibilities such as capturing photos and videos of hard-to-reach areas.

ANAFI’s camera is equipped with a lossless zoom of 1.5x in 4K and 2.8x in full HD (1080p), enabling you to get a close up of a specific element, remotely, and staying at a safe distance from obstacles.

“ANAFI Work’s zoom feature is particularly useful for technical inspections on complex infrastructures. You can remain at a safe distance, then use the zoom to get a close-up of the exact area you want to see,” Didier Wasselin, Operations Director at Drone Act.

Performance on the Go

ANAFI Work is an all-in-one, ready-to-use solution that includes the ANAFI drone, Parrot Skycontroller 3 (a long-distance controller), 4 smart batteries with a 25 minute flight time each and a multi-port USB charger. All this comes complete in a compact and water resistant shoulder bag, helping you transport your high-tech solution with ease.

The four smart batteries are a real asset for professionals, as you don’t need to constantly recharge the batteries or worry about running out of battery life at a crucial moment. When it comes to charging the batteries, you can use the multiport USB-C charging system that charges the batteries using a computer, mobile phone or power bank. This Parrot solution was designed to be a practical tool that optimizes every second of a working day.


ANAFI Work focuses on ease of use; an innovative professional solution that is powerful, practical, intuitive and easy to use.

“The three key factors why we opted for ANAFI Work are its image quality, its portability and its ease of use,” said Commander Olivier Compta, Head of the Drone Department for the Fire Service of Seine and Marne, France.

The FreeFlight 6 mobile app, available on both Android and iOS, allows you to pilot your drone with precision, even when you’re executing complex flights.

The geo-barrier and smart RTH features in FreeFlight 6 help ensure your flights operate safely.

Flight Plan is a great tool for those of you who need to perform automatic flights and capture precise images of specific points of interest. Flight Plan is perfect for reconnaissance missions, surveillance and accurate data collection.

Experience 3D Modeling

ANAFI Work comes with a year’s access to the 3D modeling software, Pix4Dmodel.

Pix4D, a Parrot company, is a 3D model software provider with which you can create 3D models quickly and easily, by sending the captured data directly to the cloud. You can then use your 3D model to take measurements and share the results with your clients or partners.

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