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Dendra Systems


  • Founded Date January 1, 1900
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Company Description

Creating the tools needed to power scalable ecosystem restoration and empower humanity to restore the balance of our natural world.

We are a global team; we work hard and win as a team while utilising the skills, uniqueness and diversity we have as individuals.

We believe that every day counts, and we have an opportunity to reverse the trends by integrating the best of technology, science and people.

ML engineers and GIS analysts scale up the work of our ecologists to understand and direct rehabilitation work from hundreds to thousands to hundreds of thousands of hectares around the world.

Ecology is at the heart of everything that we do. Our ecologists do research and fieldwork to ensure that everything Dendra builds and every bit of land we work on makes a measurable difference in the environment. Our Data Ecologists work alongside our GIS Analysts and Data Scientists to ensure that we maintain unrivalled levels of precision and accuracy across our solutions.

Drone operators scale up the data collection needed for our ecologists and ML engineers to do their work, along with the aerial seeding needed to plant entire ecosystems at once.

Hardware engineers modify and customize our drone platforms for data collection and aerial seeding while working on the future of data capture platforms.

Explore how to partner with us to prepare our planet for a better tomorrow.

Tree Planting, Industrial Scale Reforestation, UAVs, Remote Sensing, Ecosystem Restoration , Ecological Surveys, Nature Based Solutions and Biodiversity.